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Berserker gets good Weapon and Biological upgrades, meaning they cost 50 XP each, and bad Structural upgrades, meaning they cost 100 XP each. RIP AND TEAR!

Skirmisher gets good Weapon and Structural upgrades, meaning they cost 50 XP each, and bad Biological upgrades, meaning they cost 100 XP each. Pewpewpew technological master race.

Pointman gets good Structural and Biological upgrades, meaning they cost 50 XP each, and bad Weapon upgrades, meaning they cost 100 XP each. Masters of support and defense, not primarily offensive.

AT Tactician gets good Structural and Biological upgrades, meaning they cost 50 XP each, and bad Weapon upgrades, meaning they cost 100 XP each. Primarily support units, their offense more focused on utilization of AT Powers.

All careers may purchase three of each type of upgrade at every rank.


Firing a weapon on semi-automatic now gives +10 to Ballistics Skill and adds an additional hit per two degrees of success.

Firing a weapon on full-automatic now gives +0 to Ballistics Skill and adds an additional hit per degree of success. Add an additional +10 to the normal bonus for firing at close or point blank range, subtract an additional -10 from firing at long or extreme range.

AT Fields may be spread as a free action. Remove Quick Spread from careers and all references to it.

Natural Weapons

Rather than the generic natural weapons upgrade presented in the Adeptus Evangelion 2.5 Beta book, players may buy the following upgrades. Credit to those who worked on/are working on Adeptus Evangelion Borderline Edition, though a few minor modifications have been made.


Even though the Evangelions are humanoid in shape, just like humans themselves, they do not spend much of their “birth” cycle as such. Before an Evangelion is fully formed, it still retains many, seemingly random vestigial attributes from its ancestry before growing out of them. Sometimes, through some quirk in the Evangelion’s manufacture, these traits fail to vanish, or reoccur at a later point.

An Evangelion with the Natural Weapon upgrade gains an additional type of unarmed attack along with its Unarmed Strike, chosen from the selection below. This attack may be used in place of an Unarmed Strike in all instances, including Grapples, and so may not be used to parry unless specially noted, may not be disarmed unless physically removed from the Evangelion via Critical Damage. The Evangelion henceforth always counts as being armed so long as it possesses its Natural Weapon.

Natural Weapons do not have the Primitive quality. A Natural Weapon cannot be upgraded as a normal melee weapon.

• Arms – The Evangelion sports bony, blade-like protrusions from its outer forearms, composed of dense material apparently drawn from its armor and implants. Thankfully, they extend beyond the elbow rather than the wrist, allowing full manual dexterity.
• Bite – The Evangelion’s teeth, instead of blunt and human-like, are sharpened, viciously serrated blades like that of predator. Its jaw strength is likewise completely disproportionate, lending it a spectacularly lethal bite for a humanoid
• Body – The Evangelion’s entire body seems almost solely designed for combat; strengthened and hardened in all the right places to provide a limitless supply of striking surfaces; something easily taken advantage of by a pilot trained in unarmed combat. For obvious reasons, it is impossible to disarm an Evangelion of this weapon at all.
• Claws – The Evangelion’s fingers terminate in short, hooked claws rather than blunt fingertips. While they are small enough so as not to impede the use of weapons, they are notably sharp, and impressively sturdy, allowing the Evangelion to rip into flesh and bone with a solid grip.
• Horn – The Evangelion proudly shows off an elongated cranial horn at the forefront of its head, making it resemble some sort of monster more than a human figure. When properly armored like the rest of its body, the horn makes for a frighteningly efficient ramming implement.
• Spines – The Evangelion’s joints bristle with short, bony spikes that protrude outwards in all directions. Short enough to not significantly impede movement, while hard enough to stand up to impact, they serve as an effective deterrent to Angels attempting to press close combat.
• Spit – The Evangelion is capable of producing a liquid compound from glands just behind its jaw similar to saliva glands, composed of a cocktail of unidentifiable organic chemicals capable of dissolving solid metal in seconds. Oddly enough, this liquid appears to have no effect on the Evangelion itself.
• Tail – The Evangelion still carries the profile of an almost vestigial tail. A short and mostly useless affair that Nerv was unable to remove. Despite lacking the length and mass to be useful for much, being directly part of the Evangelion’s vertebrae makes it incredibly hard, and occasionally effective as a stabbing point.

Name Damage Breach Pen Special
Arms 1d10 R 0 0 Unbalanced, may be used to Parry.
Bite 1d10 R 0 0 After landing a successful hit with a Bite attack, you may automatically roll to initiate a grapple, at a -20 penalty.
Body 1d10 I 0 0
Claws 1d10 R 0 0 Whenever an attack from the Evangelion’s claws strikes with enough Pen to completely negate the target’s AP, the attack deals an additional point of damage.
Horn 1d10 I 0 0 Whenever the Evangelion uses its horn to attack as part of a charge, it deals +6 damage.
Spines 1d5 R 0 0 Whenever the Evangelion is involved in a grapple and either party wins an opposed Strength Test to injure the other, it automatically attacks the enemy it is grappled with using its spines, to a maximum of once per
Tail 1d10-2 I 0 0 Flexible

Name Range RoF Damage Breach Pen Special
Spit 5 dam S/x/x/ 1d10 E +0 5 This Weapon may not be Sharpened or Hardened.


Like a true predator, an Evangelion that displays propensity for using its natural weapon will often evolve and alter its own biology to enhance it; turning a vestigial feature of its body into a weapon formidable enough to be a viable backup to those manufactured by NERV.

Apply one of the following enhancements to the Evangelion’s Natural Weapon:

• Corrosive – The Evangelion begins to constantly secrete a thin layer of unidentifiable, acidic liquid over its natural weaponry. While appearing completely ineffective on the Evangelion’s own tissues, the liquid exposure accompanied by a strike with the Evangelion’s natural weapon leaves shallow, smoking gouges in exposed flesh. The upgraded Natural Weapon gains the Heat weapon quality, though not actually on fire the residual acid eats away at the targeted area over time.
• Hardened – The Evangelion’s body draws away material from its various inorganic grafts and deposits them into the structure of its natural weapons over a lengthy period of time, hardening them to the point where they compare favorably with even the strongest melee weaponry. The upgraded Natural Weapon deals an additional 2 Damage. May not be applied to the Spit natural weapon.
• Sharpened – The Evangelion introduces controlled apoptosis into the cellular structure of its natural weaponry, targeted at killing organic material near cutting edges and points. How it contains this to an individual area is a mystery, but the result of the Evangelion constantly sloughing off excess mass means that its teeth and claws are kept at a state of almost supernatural sharpness. The upgraded Natural Weapon gains +2 Penetration and if previously dealt Impact damage may deal Impact or Rending damage. May not be applied to the Spit natural weapon.
• Venomous – The Evangelion seems to know far more about Angelic biology than NERV’s top scientists, as its body has managed to produce a substance that acts like a necrotoxin on Angel biomass. Unfortunately, this poison degrades almost instantly upon removal from the Evangelion, as it seems unable to exist outside of an AT field. Whenever a successful hit is scored against an Angel using the upgraded Natural Weapon, the target must Test Toughness or else take a -1 modifier to its Toughness Bonus until the Evangelion’s next turn.


True to the nature of an alpha predator, an Evangelion that continues to employ and refine its natural weapons is more than capable of developing killing implements rivaling the creations of NERV’s most brilliant engineers. An Evangelion so expert in murdering Angels with its own teeth and nails may even eschew traditional weaponry entirely.

You gain a second Bestial Weapon upgrade for your Natural Weapon. You may not choose the same upgrade twice.

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