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At the beginning of the 21st century, mankind was shaken to its foundation by what would be known as the most influential event in mankind’s living history: the Second Impact. A micrometeor had escaped detection due to its near light speed velocity until it was too late, touching down deep in the continent of Antarctica. The meteor wasn’t large, but the speed which it was traveling was what allowed it to devastate the entire continent, breaking it to pieces, melting most of it away, and thrusting debris far into the atmosphere. The world was thrust into a chaos the likes of which had never been seen before.

The rising water level left coastlines devastated and many countries without supplies or housing for their citizens, leading to what would be known as the Second Impact War. Countries worldwide fought tooth and nail for their own survival, every piece of land and store of supplies was up for grabs, with both citizens and militia fighting. The fighting was not reduced to simply country versus country, civil wars broke out in the less stable and/or more devastated nations. Tensions continued to rise and peaked after two years, resulting in the nuclear annihilation of India, in a panicked response to their encroachment into all adjoining territories at an alarming pace. This brought many to their senses, but only too little too late.

The temperatures had been consistently on the rise since the occurrence of Second Impact, but it was an issue none wished to address. The debris and other byproducts that had been ejected far into the atmosphere had finally settled, and a thick cover of clouds had been created with not a single gap in the sky. By the time the smoke cleared of those last battles of the war, the first bits of snow had begun to fall across the planet, signaling the beginning of the end. Thus began the Fimbulvetr, the eternal winter, to test humanities perseverance.

The best and brightest of humanity rose to this occasion as the dust of the wars settled. A group known as the NERV organization had struggled to build what would prove to be the last bastions of humanity: the Asgard Fortress Cities. Colossal domed structures which housed everything that would be needed for humanities continued survival even in the harsh conditions now forced on them. There were five fortress cities built world-wide, each taking in several millions of people. Only a fraction of humanity’s former glory, and they could only survive in these small structures, but they could survive nonetheless.

The Fimbulvetr was only the beginning, however. In 2030 an even more terrible shadow was found lurking in the frozen wastes of the once vibrant planet: strange beings of unknown origin, the Jotun. These colossal, alien beasts have begun to assault the last bastions of humanity, and conventional defense has proven useless in stopping them. Luckily, NERV was once more prepared for the worse, releasing the long in development biomechanical humanoid defenders, the Aesir. Harnessing the same energy as the strange Jotun, they are able to face the threat on even footing. These robots can only be piloted by a very specific group of people, however, namely those born after the year 2015. Now, with the children at the front, the true test for humanity’s survival begins…

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