ODIN Systems

The ODIN Systems are a series of incredibly high powered supercomputers which are vital to the function of the Asgard Fortress Cities. Though not completely in control, they are a vital factor in determining decisions and managing energy and labor among the fortress cities.

The were designed by a researcher known as Isaac Gunnar, who spent his life developing the Personality Transplant Operating System that the ODIN Systems run on. The basis of the system is that it implements all the reasoning power of humanity, the ability to argue with itself and reason out the best course of action with data supplies. To this end, it used three vat grown human brains as the core of three different supercomputer systems, which would analyze the data given and each would make a judgment on the appropriate course of action.

The original three minds used in the implementation of the Asgard 01 facility were all of Isaac Gunnar, each encompassing different aspects of himself: himself as a Scientist, himself as a Father, and himself as a Man. Only on a majority decision between the three would any action be determined. Of course, there were always human overrides, but without the processing power of the system the facility would quickly fall into disorder and disrepair.

The three supercomputer units at Asgard 01 are called High, Just-As-High, and Third.

ODIN Systems

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