Asgard Fortress Cities

The Asgard Fortress Cities are the last line of defense for humanity in the harsh frozen wastelands of modern Earth. Created by the NERV organization for the event of the Fimbulvetr, utilizing highly controlled environments and ecosystems, these structures are the only place in the world humans can safely exist. Though in themselves they make up barely a fraction of a fraction of the planets surface.

Each facility is composed of several domed structures, the primary of which is largest at the center, with four surrounding domes branching out from the first, connected by large tunnels between them. The primary dome in the center is the largest of them and holds the bulk of the population, housing the primary urban districts and living areas in one massive city which surrounds the headquarters of the NERV organization, which is composed of a large pyramidal structure. The surrounding domes are where most of the population works and lives, one designated for industrial work and the other three for food production.

There are currently five Asgard Fortress Cities across the world:

Asgard 01 located in the North American Nevada Desert.
Asgard 02 located in Berlin, Germany.
Asgard 03 located in the wastes of Siberia.
Asgard 04 located in what is left of Japan.
Asgard 05 located in South America.

The amount of physical contact or trading between these cities and their denizens is minimal to nonexistent. The only method of communication lies with the worldwide running ODIN Systems

Asgard Fortress Cities

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