Asgard 01



Commander Wright, Commander of Asgard 01

A highly respected man, always seen in full military regalia and acting with the utmost seriousness. He is often caught up in projects or diplomatic meetings with the other Asgard fortress cities, so his presence is a rarity on the base itself. That and his very serious attitude has lead to an air of mystery surrounding him, as his life before the Second Impact wars and the production of the Asgard fortress cities, and his personal life in general, if he has one, remains a mystery.

Captain Katherine T. Fuller, Director of Operations

A young woman who rose quickly in military rank due to her quick decision making skills and management of armed forces and military bases. She takes her job very seriously and hates those who lack professionalism in their work. Ironically, she herself very rarely wears her standard issue uniform on the job, preferring instead casual wear as she only has to deal with the bridge technicians most of the time. Constantly scoffs at the Commander and Subcommander often being away and at Langley’s leniency toward allowing unauthorized personnel work on supposedly classified projects.

Doctor Richard Walker, Head of Science + Research and Development

Father of Justice Walker and possessor of multiple doctorates in physics, biochemistry, and mathematics. He was originally a renowned scientist in the pre-Impact world and a weapons designer beyond that. He developed the Aesir systems for use in combating the Jotun, though after that final project he fell deathly ill. After creating his legacy in Justice Walker, he managed to survive the debilitating disease which nearly claimed his life, but it left him almost completely paralyzed and bound to a wheelchair, barely able to speak above a whisper. Not much is known about him due to his current condition, but before that he expressed much regret for his weapons development and produced the Aesir, he claimed, only as a measure to be used in the defense of humanity.

Johnathon Langley, Head Assistant of Science + Research and Development

The enthusiastic counterpart to Doctor Richard Walker’s silent old wisdom. He is a shining beacon of youth next to the old man and shows a passion and excitement for scientific advancement, encouraging others onto similar pursuits, going so far as to extend an invitation to the pilots to come help with lab work. Despite his eccentricity, he is incredibly knowledgeable and the second to go to after Doctor Walker for very good reason.


Mr. Garing, Teacher of Class 3-A

Mr. Garing is a very elderly, gray-haired man who tries to encourage his class, much to his dismay when they become disinterested by his long, monotonous droning lectures, which tend to put at least several students to sleep.

Gregor Jarding

Class athlete and all around generic dickass jock. Constantly surrounded by a clique of other sports club members and several female admirers who fawn over him. Derides anyone who can’t keep up with him in competitions, which ended badly for him when he provoked Kayla, who got into a fight with him and used it to frame him for assault on NERV’s prodigy, which ended with him in a juvenile detention facility. Currently in a juvenile detention facility.

Asgard 01

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