Kayla Firstwright

The shining young NERV Prodigy. May all of you some day aspire to be her.


Kayla Firstwright, Neo-Spartman Pointman
Pilot of Zapp (Unit-07)
122 lbs

Positive Traits: All I See Are Weapons, Good Reputation (Nerv)
Negative Traits: Repression, Living Weapon.

Wounds: 15
Fatepoints: 2
Insanity Points: 13

WS: 45 2
BS: 41 1
Str: 31
T: 53 2
Ag: 30
Per: 31
Int: 36 1
WP: 33
Fel: 23
SR: 33 (27 in Eva, 47 with plugsuit)

Assets: Athlete, Military Nut
Drawbacks: Damaged Goods

Skills: Speak Language (English), Literacy, Common Lore (Second Impact), Common Lore (War), Command

Talents: AT Power (Deflective Field), AT Power (Neutralize), Skill Proficiency (Carouse), Structural Upgrade (2), Weapon Upgrade (1), Sound Constitution (2) Talented: Common Lore: War, Talented: Scholastic Lore: Tactics, Guardian, Halt Advance

Gear: Standard Plugsuit, Standard Entry Plug, Nerv ID

Exp: 2400/3999


Kayla Firstwright

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